Singing Tui

Meet The Artist

I'm Camille (Elle) Savage,  the painter and photographer behind Singing Tui Art Studio, an artist primarily using abstract shapes, colour, line, concepts and ideas in both my painting and photography styles.  On occasion I also produce work that is 'not so abstract'.  

The act of creating abstract and some ‘not-so-abstract’ works of art sparks challenge, chance, change, surprise and with that all illusive touch of magic, eventually always a transformation can be achieved!  My artwork has often been described as colourful, playful, dreamlike and dynamic.

I like to describe the action of making art as an important form of communication between our 'outer shell of the self and the inner core of the self'.  One might resonate with the combination or use of colour, line, shape, texture or tone that creates an enquiry and often a deep connection for the viewer.

I also enjoy using artwork to transform interior spaces by creating large scale luxury wall or ceiling images.  This relatively new concept and technology to arrive in North America creates a colourful and impactful affect on the viewer in their home and/or work space.

I am a recent graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, completing a Continuing Education Advanced Painting techniques Certificate programme and I am currently an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Two Facts + One Fiction:

- Once, I walked from the East to the West Coast of Spain.  It took me 45 days!

- I love to eat salsa chips with tomato salsa and I love to Salsa dance! 

- One year, I Heli-skied the Southern Alps in New Zealand!....  Fiction exposed!… However, I did take a helicopter ride through the mountains of the Southern Alps in New Zealand, only it wasn’t to heli-ski, it was to be rescued from a remote forest hiking trail where I had sprained the ligaments in both my knees. Sitting front and centre in the helicopter flying over and through the unforgettable snowy capped mountains in the South Island of New Zealand was inspiration for choosing to move to Canada when the opportunity presented itself a few years later.  I love living so close to the BC Mountains.