Singing Tui

Singing Tui Art Studio is based in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia and Camille (Elle) Savage is a contemporary mixed media abstract painter and photographer. Originally from New Zealand, Camille moved to Vancouver after graduating from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Camille chose to name her art studio after an iconic native bird of New Zealand, the Tui, with a most unique bird song. Click on the link below to hear this beautiful bird song.

Singing Tui Bird Song

Camille enjoys working with digital photography as well as painting.  In working with digital photography, Camille takes everyday objects and organic subjects from nature and turns them into dream like images.  

Camille's abstract paintings involve a process of layering paint and mark making that scribes into the various layers exposing new colours and shapes along with playful textures.  The paintings start with an idea to communicate emotion through colour, shape, line, tone and / or texture.  She works with structural intent using a varying degree of intuition to further build upon each piece.  Camille works with both Acrylic and Oil paints.

In recent years Camille’s work has been influenced by Janice Mason Steeves who introduced her to the medium of oil paints and cold wax.